Monday, December 17, 2007

December 18

Winter break is coming to an end... in two weeks... My boredom has led me to evaluate our economy in its current state. The dollars value: 1 USD = 0.6944 EUR, 1 USD = 1.0055 CAD yes it seems official the US dollar is now equivalent to that of the Canadian dollar Does this mean that all those little labels they have on books and magazines in the amount of USD and CAD must all be changed? I for one have hopes that the new president can bring change to our dwindling economy and even though the value of the dollar depends on several factors I have hopes in regaining the previous prosperity that the USA once had economically where it wasn't just the large companies racking in the money leaving a large middle class that is increasingly finding themselves no longer secure as they once were but approaching poverty Needless to say my knowledge on the presidential candidates is limited however I do find myself favoring two lets examine their political advocacy's: Barack Obama: "We should be asking ourselves what mix of policies will lead to a dynamic free market and widespread economic security, entrepreneurial innovation and upward mobility...we should be guided by what works." April 2005, he defended the New Deal social welfare policies of FDR, associating Republican proposals to establish private accounts for Social Security with social Darwinism. Shortly before announcing his presidential campaign, Obama told the health care advocacy group Families USA: "I am absolutely determined that by the end of the first term of the next president, we should have universal health care in this country." Hillary Clinton: She has previously tried to implement her own form of socialized health care but failed due to lack of support...... more on this later..... as a student in the field of health care I am often questioned by my peers and others why I am supporting socialized medicine for I reap no monetary benefits from it; it stems from the desire for all those needing health care to be provided with it in the same fashion as anyone else for every life is equally precious. How could there be a price set on well being of a me it is just unheard of.

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