Monday, December 24, 2007

December 25

Merry Christmas!!!
Currently there is 1 more week remaining in our break!
As I sit here I look back to my past before becoming an optometry student....however not to far...just back to the days of travel and freedom where I wasn't bound by anything.
As carefree as I was while traveling it wasn't everything I'd dream it would be come to think of it perhaps it was everything our parents dreamed it would be.
We had to manage our limited funds, book, plan, and figure everything out ourselves without any assistance, and in the event we were to encounter a problem we were left to manage on our own for our parents had officially cut the strings that bind us temporary at least.
A trip of a lifetime was about to begin for my sister, yassi, and I (we).
Our travels took us from the Netherlands to Iran.
How we managed to convince our parents to willingly let us, 3 girls, travel to countries we have never been to before by ourselves is still a mystery to me, we all still wonder about it even today.....
The Beginning:
Our first day in the Amsterdam, Netherlands we encountered beautiful yet freezing weather and came to realize that EVERYONE rides bikes there... there are even special lanes just for bikers so walkers beware stay off the bike lanes or face being run over! The sun also sets alot later so close your curtains and pretend the sun is no longer up and it's time for sleep. Speaking of sleep it took us a train and bus ride which lasted about 3 hours to reach our hotel before we could sleep. What more can be expected, we had booked our hotels from the USA with out adequate knowledge of the regions we were visiting. During our stay at the Golden Tulip Hotel we met a Pilot who offered to take us on a mini tour with his wife, but we were headed to Berlin, Germany the next morning. Unfortunately we missed the blooming of the Tulips by a week or two =( ..................


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