Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you amazing friends this has been the most memorable birthday week!
There is a high probability that I have gained 10 pounds since everyone has been feeding me cake and taking me out for the past few days hehe
I'm a year younger now =P so my metabolism just got better =)
Younger?? well naturally I don't feel older and plus I think I hold the record for number of times being carded at the casino

The new additions to my pen collection have arrived and i must say they are fabulous!
2morrow I will give you my penpertise on them along with some exclusive pics :D

Let your voice be heard
It's truly amazing how they are able to use the wording that they do on the ballots that even two fairly educated graduate students looked up in confusion after reading them.
Look up the vernacular verbiage of the ballots before voting.

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